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Do I need x-rays?

During your initial consultation with Dr. Margie, she will determine if it's neccesary for x-ray studies to be performed. X-rays will help us reveal the integrity of your spine and if any degeneration is present. Dr. Margie is also interested in seeing if all the proper curves are present in the spine or if any deviations from those are found.

How do I get my x-rays?

Dr. Margie has partnered with Back to Health Chiropractic - conveniently located just down the street from our practice. Patients of Dr. Margie will be charged a special rate of $99 for a full set of x-rays. Please call 916-597-1640 to schedule your appointment for your x-rays. The office will give you a CD copy of your x-rays - please bring these with you back to our office. Allow approximately 15 minutes to get the x-rays completed.


Back to Health Chiropractic
6910 Douglas Blvd., Suite D
Granite Bay, CA 9574