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Supplement Recommendations

(all supplements should be reviewed with Dr. Margie prior to consumption.
Not all supplements are right for all people)

Vitamin D drops - Innate Choice can be found on Amazon. Great supplement for all ages. *speak with Dr. Margie about exact dosage for specific ages*

Adult Probiotics - Inner Ecco (can be purchased at Whole Foods, Sunrise, Sprouts) - must be refrigerated.

Probiotics for babies and children - any refrigerated supplement works well for children. Infants and babies need a powdered version which contains more bifidum bacteria. Children (over 2 years) - I really like Garden of Life.

Sovereign Silver - great supplement to have on hand. The best anti-microbial (anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial). Can be taken daily for wellness or as needed with symptoms. *speak with Dr. Margie for specific symptoms and dosage*

Iron Supplement - super great supplement for those patients with anemia or anemic tendencies. Also really great during pregnancy. Our favorite is Floradix Iron and Herbs. Also can be found on Amazon.