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Low-level Laser Therapy

I’m very excited to announce the addition of a new service to my practice - Low-Level Laser! What is a low-level laser and WHY is Dr. Margie sooo excited about it!?” I’m glad you asked!

As many of you know, chiropractic is based on the body healing itself from the inside-out. When we remove subluxation in your spine, it allows the nerve energy to flow more freely to the body from the brain. Thus allowing your brain to better communicate with your body = better healing, feeling, and function in your life! Awesome stuff!

In many cases, though, we may need a bit more support for the body to heal itself. The wear of our daily life can just be too much for us and although the adjustments are helping, they can’t always keep up with the cumulative stress. If only there was a tool that could help our bodies heal THAT much faster! There is...low-level laser!

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “laser” I think of Dr. Evil saying “laser” over and over again. :)

All kidding aside, lasers have been a modalities health care practitioners have used for decades. Their purpose is to stimulate tissues within the body to heal. You could imagine, there are 100s of lasers on the market. I personally have researched these instruments for years, trying to decipher which one truly is the best for my patients and practice.

I decided on an Erchonia EVRL - a grade 2 low-level laser. This company has the most FDA clearances of any other laser manufacturer on the market AND they have a vast library of research to back up their technology. Grade 2 means the laser does not heat up - which means you will not feel anything while the laser is happening. But what is actually happening is a super speed regeneration process of the cell’s mitochondria and ATP production. In English...your cells are healing faster into more healthy versions of themselves.

cold laser
Who is a laser good for?

Pretty much anyone - lasers can be used on children as well as adults safely with tremendous therapeutic benefits. Lasers in conjunction with chiropractic care will help take patients to a next level of healing, which for me as a practitioner, is SUPER exciting! Low-level laser therapy has been effective in chronic pains (neck, back, extremity, etc.), scar tissue healing, neurological based conditions (concussions, autoimmune conditions, nerve disorders/impingement, etc.) - the list is endless!

Do I have to get lasered?

Absolutely not. If you’d like to speak more about how it may work for you and your care, I’m happy to field any questions you have. Your chiropractic care in my practice will remain the same if you do not want any laser treatments.

How long does it take to get lasered?

In most cases, therapeutic effectiveness can be reached in about 5-10 minutes. For patients who come in for a chiropractic adjustment AND laser in the same visit, plan on about 15 minutes total for the visit.

How will the cost work?
  • Laser only treatment - $45/session
  • Chiropractic AND laser in the same session - $65/session

Could new patients have laser treatments?

Absolutely! I am open to accepting new patients and always honored when you refer your loved ones to me.

When will this service be ready for patients to experience?

NOW! I am all ready to go and available to take patients ASAP incorporate laser therapy with your chiropractic care.