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New Patients - Welcome!

New Patient Information - What to Expect

Hey there! Thank you for considering a partnership with Dr. Margie as you seek out a wellness provider!

Whether you are brand new to chiropractic care or have worked with chiropractors in the past, you’ll soon discover that a visit with Dr. Margie is not your typical pop-in (no pun intended!) that feels more like a business transaction than a wellness visit.

Dr. Margie plans out her day so that each patient has ample time to ask questions and make sure they understand exactly what she is doing. From explaining the findings in your personalized scans to helping you understand how your body functions with optimal nervous system attention, Dr. Margie makes it her goal to ensure that education and empowerment are at the heart of her chiropractic practice.

So what can you expect when you visit Dr. Margie?

First things first, you’ll receive a bit of paperless “paperwork” (that’s right, no need to print anything off and bring it in by hand). This will be emailed to you once your new patient account is established.

You will also be prompted to give an overview of your medical history and lifestyle prior to coming into the office! These questions go beyond the typical “yes/no” check boxes and ask you to provide an in-depth look into any conditions or life events that may have impacted your health on a holistic level. Dr. Margie will spend time reviewing your information prior to your appointment, this way she’s up to speed by the time you arrive!


Once you’re in the office, you’ll spend a few minutes discussing your history and present health concerns. Because Dr. Margie focuses on health from a holistic lens, you will also have the opportunity to brainstorm your health goals and how to execute them!

History and Examination

In addition to listening to your health concerns, Dr. Margie will run a few scans to check your spine, nervous system and even your muscles. These scans are non-invasive and very gentle--they can even be run on babies, which Dr. Margie does often!

Why are these scans necessary? Think of it this way: There are trillions of nerves in your body, but only a fraction of them register pain. But just because you’re not feeling tension, doesn’t mean there isn’t hidden interference that’s causing issues in how well your body functions on a systemic level. By running these quick scans (called “InSight” by CLA), Dr. Margie will be able to have an inside look into what areas of your body need attention--even if you don’t “feel” pain or discomfort. Pretty cool!

Dr. Margie performing chiropractic care on child

Dr. Margie evaluating child's neck

Once the scans are complete, Dr. Margie explain your results and what it means for your overall health and wellness. Patients will later have re-examinations as well to show comparions with future scans. Here's a sample before/after scan:
thermal scan of back and spine

X-ray Studies

What about x-rays? Every once in a while, Dr. Margie will suggest a patient have x-rays before treatment if there is a suspected injury or issue. This is just an extra level of insight to ensure there are no surprises! If Dr. Margie believes x-rays will be important for understanding your unique situation, you will be given information to set up an appointment for a local colleague or facility to have the x-rays taken.

A Deeper Look Into Your Findings

At your next visit, Dr. Margie will spend time breaking down the findings of your exams. While some findings will resonate with patients based on reported pain, it’s likely you’ll also be a bit surprised at what the scans have picked up! You will have time to ask questions and have everything explained so you feel like a true partner in your wellness journey. Once everything is clear, Dr. Margie will make her suggestion for a plan of action to get started in treatment!

Every couple of months, Dr. Margie will run these scans again as part of a “re-exam” in order to monitor how your body is responding to treatment!

Something important to note: It’s more than likely that your first visit with Dr. Margie will not include an adjustment. Why? Because it’s important for Dr. Margie to review your scans in accompaniment to history and stated concerns before performing any sort of treatment!

Ongoing Care

Personal and attentive care doesn’t stop after your initial exam. Visits with Dr. Margie include catching, checking in on your health goals and of course, a thorough adjustment to address ongoing issues and any other problems that have popped up since the last time you were in.

The Office

One thing that sets Dr. Margie apart from other local offices is that she operates a “micro-office.” She does everything from scheduling to billing. Don’t be surprised when it’s Dr. Margie herself who answers your call! The office also has a “no wait” policy. Unlike typical practices that have jam-packed waiting rooms and a tendency to run behind, Dr. Margie schedules patients so that there’s plenty of time for personalized care without feeling rushed out of the office.

Dr. Margie’s warm personality and attentive care sets her apart from the typical “doctor appointment” experience. Her patients look forward to their visits and the reassurance that comes from having a space to ask questions and feel empowered about their health! Whether it’s directly related to chiropractic care or you just need friendly advice from Mom-to-Mom, Dr. Margie is a great resource to have come alongside your wellness journey.

I am so very grateful for the opportunity to serve you and your family's health and wellness needs! If you ever have any questions, please fill out my contact form Looking forward to meeting you!

~ Dr. Margie