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Dr. Margie's Recommendations

General Recommendations

Pain Relief At Home

HealthMate Tens Unit - amazing for acute pain or reoccurrence of a chronic condition.

Biofreeze - I carry these in office but if you prefer ordering online, here's the one I love.

Formula 303 - great as a natural muscle relaxant and even works with anxiety too.


Chiroflow - with 100s of different pillow options available, it's tough to find the exact fit for everyone. I like this option b/c it allows you to customize the pillow size by adding water - allows you to make the pillow more or less firm for your head and neck.

Pillowise - another great option. These pillows have to be custom measured for your head and neck for the best night's sleep. Dr. Margie can measure you for this pillow in the office. Price is around $100 for the pillow.

Pregnancy/Postpartum Recommendations

Pregnancy Support Belt
This one is my personal favorite and favorite amoung my patients:

Click HERE to view Gabriella Pregnancy Support on Amazon

Pubic Symphysis Belt
Great support for pregnant patients with PSD

Click HERE to view on Amazon

Pregnancy Pillow
This pillow allows you to have support while you rest without taking up a huge amount of space on your bed.

Click HERE to view on Amazon

Postpartum Pevlic Floor Support - Mutu System
Everypost partum woman should pay close attention to her pelvic floor. Even without any symptoms, you should work to strengthen your pelvic floor to prevent issues in the future.
I personally really enjoyed the Mutu System - it's an online system that takes you through easy, gentle and effective exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor and core.

Click HERE to learn more about The Mutu System

Pregnancy Resources


Stretches for Pelvic Opening
**can also do this one on your hands and knees too

Supplement Recommendations

(all supplements should be reviewed with Dr. Margie prior to consumption.
Not all supplements are right for all people)

Vitamin D drops - Innate Choice can be found on Amazon. Great supplement for all ages. *speak with Dr. Margie about exact dosage for specific ages*

Click HERE to buy

Adult Probiotics - Inner Ecco (can be purchased at Whole Foods, Sunrise, Sprouts) - must be refrigerated.

Probiotics for babies and children - any refrigerated supplement works well for children. Infants and babies need a powdered version which contains more bifidum bacteria. Children (over 2 years) - I really like Garden of Life.

Sovereign Silver - great supplement to have on hand. The best anti-microbial (anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial). Can be taken daily for wellness or as needed with symptoms. *speak with Dr. Margie for specific symptoms and dosage*

Click HERE to buy

Iron Supplement - super great supplement for those patients with anemia or anemic tendencies. Also really great during pregnancy. Our favorite is Floradix Iron and Herbs. Also can be found on Amazon.

Click HERE to buy

**Any links taking you to an outside place from my website is for your convenience only. Dr. Margie does not receive any commissions for recommending the above listed products**