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The Tale of Three Homebirths

My husband and I have been blessed to have three amazingly healthy and well daughters. "You are sooo lucky that your kids are so healthy!" Lucky? Maybe a bit. Has is been a lot of research, hard work, focus, education, and dedication? Yes! Much more than luck. So how did we do this? Let's start at the beginning...

Now I just want to caveat...any experience I share here is just that...our experience. None of the below information is meant to serve as medical advice - that is between you and your health care provider. The following is also not meant to criticize or judge anyone in the health choices they have made for their own children. The following is an account of what we have done to help our girls live naturally strong, healthy lives.

All three girls were born at home. So right off the bat, we pretty open minded with natural health care options for them. Shortly after their births, I check each one and found they all needed to be adjusted.

"Wait...WHAT? You adjusted a newborn?"

Yes...and I continue to adjust newborns and babies in my practice! I'm always very proud new parents trust me and my experience with one of their most precious gifts. Before we get into details as to why, here are some great pics of our daughter's first chiropractic adjustments:

Kasia - born November 2009

newborn Kasia getting a chiropractic adjustment

Ela - born March 2012

newborn Ela getting a chiropractic adjustment

Alexa - born February 2012

newborn Alexa getting chiropractic adjustment

Now to the why...

Chiropractic is based on the premise that our bodies are born with all we need to be healthy. It's this innate intelligence inside us that knows to scab over a cut to heal (not the bandaid). It's also the innate intelligence that tells our bodies to run a hot fever when an invader has entered (b/c a hot internal temperature will help kill the invader).

Chiropractic works on allowing your body to best adapt to its environment and surroundings. How does this happen? An adjustment to the spine helps allow the brain to best communicate with the rest of the body. The brain tells all the muscles, tissues, and organs how to best function, thus allowing maximum expression of health.

A chiroprator checks the spine for subluxations - areas of the spine which are interfering with the brain-body communication. A subluxation can be present without pain and without any changes in function.

An adjustment to a subluxation allows the brain-body message to communicate freely. This allows the all the organs, muscles, tissues, etc. to function better, which allows the best health possible.
Chiropractic adjustments are the basis for overall health and wellness.

So...the above is why I checked all our daughters at birth. I adjusted them b/c they all had subluxations present, likely due to the birth process.

In my experience, children under the care of a chiropractor are healthier overall. Does this mean our girls never get sick? Nope. But when they do have an illness, their bodies are much stronger and adapt quicker. Making healing and recovering times so much faster.

Here are some other benefits for kiddos:

  • experience less frequent colds and flus
  • have better energy and concentration
  • quicker recovery from sport injuries
  • less frequent or no ear infections
  • allergies, asthma, and other common childhood conditions less frequently occur
  • improvement of infant colic, gastric reflux, constipation
  • improvement in latching for nursing babies

Considering chiropractic care for your child? If you have questions, please contact Dr. Margie online or 916-251-9034 (call/text).